We are a luxury home fragrance brand + hand made from start to finish.

Founded by Ndani Uzuri LLC, our products are crafted by a Licensed Massage Therapist/Aromatherapist. Each fragrance blend was chosen to not just smell great, but to offer therapeutic properties as well.

We believe that self care is not a luxury. It is a necessity. Yet, It can smell luxurious.

Our candles are poured with coconut Wax and wicked with pure wood for a clean lead free burn. We use a blend of food grade essential oils and premium phthalate free fragrance oils in our candle making. The vessels we pour can be repurposed after use.

Our air and linen sprays contain a small amount of alcohol as a preservative to maintain the shelf life. They consist of 100% essential oils, floral waters, and other plant ingredients depending on the scent.

Everything that we use is ethically sourced and cruelty free.