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Passport Travel Size Candles

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Our travel size candles are created with coconut wax and wood wicks. The tin vessels can be repurposed after use.


Fragrance Descriptions

Egyptian Lavender is floral and calming. Do you need to unwind? Kick back and exhale as the calming scent of lavender fills the air to melt the stress away.

Yuzu is fresh, powdery, and floral. Welcome to paradise. Feel free to enjoy the breathtaking views and world renowned service. As your hosts for this dream adventure, we encourage you to delight in the essence of the lavishly rich scent of yuzu and hinoki with just a hint of pear. It may remind you of spending the weekend at a vineyard, sitting front row at a runway show in Tokyo, or perhaps even sunbathing on a yacht. May we suggest pairing it with your imagination, and allowing it to take you wherever you would like to go. It doesn’t disappoint. 10/10 highly recommend.

Mandarin is floral and sweet with a light earthy musk. Cap the night off hand in hand on a long walk down the shores of Cebu. This beautiful fusion of mandarin, jasmine, vetiver, and labdanum will tantalize your smell pallet. It’s as playful and flirtatious as whispering in your lover’s ear, and as seductive as staring deeply into their eyes.

Oak and Rush is elegant, warm, sultry, and floral. Turn the lights down and run a hot bubble bath. As your favorite mood music plays in the background, enjoy the delectable fragrance of bergamot and peach blossom float smoothly over cashmere and vanilla.

Gold Coast is floral and fruity with a light musk. Imagine having a candle lit dinner on a yacht while viewing the Chicago skyline. The aroma of Grapefruit, white lily, gardenia, and sandalwood engulf you as the Lake Michigan breeze kisses your skin. Prepare to have a lavishly exciting evening.

Alchemy is sophisticated, fresh, and earthy. Be renewed by the grounding essence of Palo Santo, sage, cedar wood, and clove.

Summertime is bright and fresh. This invigorating blend of mint, grapefruit, and sweet orange feels like sipping mojitos on the rooftop deck.

Swanky Hippie is elegant, bright, and floral. Dance in a field of flowers or indulge in a luxurious foot soak at your favorite spa. This aromatic blend of hibiscus and roses is as cheerful as birds chirping as morning dew sets in.

Rendezvous is bright, rejuvenating, and floral. As you journey to botanical heaven, be seduced by the blossoming nectar of jasmine and neroli. This lovely fragrance smells like a fresh bouquet gifted on a first date.

Silk Tie is luxuriously masculine, floral, and woody. It’s Friday night. The newest “it” art exhibit is opening at your favorite gallery. This black-tie event is sure to be filled with intrigue as you lock eyes with a mysterious stranger. The scent of driftwood and juniper lingers in the air. It smells like romance.

Taboo is exotic, fruity, and sweet. This unusual pairing feels like relaxing under a palm tree on a warm sunny day. Delight in its deep richness while it envelops you with coconut, ginger, and amber.


7 oz


Our travel size candles are created with coconut wax and wood wicks. The tin vessels can be repurposed after use.

Burn Time

Up to 50 Hours

Candle Care

To preserve the fragrance and allow the scent throw to fill a room, each
of our candles come with a lid. We recommend keeping the wick trimmed
to 1/8th an inch.
Each of our vegan candles are non toxic + lead, phthalates, parabens, and sulfate-free.

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Our candles are hand poured and highly fragrant. Enjoy the crackling sound of our premium wood wick candles as you delight in your daily self-care routine. You deserve to enjoy your home as much as you enjoy getting away. Why not do both at the same time? Our vessels are made of glass and can be repurposed after use making it the perfect eco-friendly gift to self or a loved one.